Common Problems with CallRail

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I want to filter missed calls

CallRail sends a field called answered that can be filtered on to exclude missed calls or to only trigger on missed calls. In order to only get missed calls to trigger your zap, you'll want to set it up like this:

If you want to exclude missed calls, change the filter to look for "Text Contains" "True".

Trouble retrieving content from my account

Unfortunately, the CallRail integration with Zapier will only support one agency per connection. If the user you connect to Zapier has multiple agencies, only one will be used to retrieve data. This can lead to unexpected behavior, such as a shortened list of companies or errors retrieving companies in the first place.

In order to work around this problem, you can create a new user that only has access to the desired agency. When this user is connected to Zapier, it will always retrieve data from the correct agency.

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