Common Problems with CallFire

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Error: Invalid from number

When a you send a message from CallFire, you cannot choose whatever number you want as the originating number. There are laws and regulations that prohibit spoofing caller IDs in that manner. However, a couple options exist.

  • Use CallFire's shared short code, 67076, which anyone with a CallFire account can use. Short codes are particularly well suited to mass outbound messaging, or or outbound-only messages. Also, reply messages will end up in the CallFire account inbox for a few hours after a message is sent from our short code.
  • Lease a virtual number from CallFire, known as a call tracking number by visiting the Phone Numbers section of the account in CallFire and choosing a local number to lease (toll-free numbers are not text enabled). These numbers are better for one-on-one, back and forth messaging, and also can be set up to forward phone calls so when people call that number it will ring wherever it has been pointed.

New inbound call received trigger not triggering

The trigger will only work for calls that were answered and completed. Abandoned/missed calls will not be picked up by this trigger.

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