Common Problems with Autopilot

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Authorization Failed

If you typed in your Autopilot Key incorrectly, you'll see an error like "authorization failed: Not Authorized". Try entering that key again to see if there was a typo before. If you copy/pasted the key the first time, try typing it out this time, or vice versa.

My list isn't showing up

On some occasions, when creating a new Zap that asks you to select an Autopilot list, the list might not show in the drop down if it was recently added. We recommend closing the drop down, and re-opening it. This will ensure Zapier loads the latest data. If this doesn’t work, we recommend refreshing the page.

In the Autopilot Activity Feed, contacts being added via Zapier incorrectly say they are being added via the API

It is important that you use the Autopilot Key found here when connecting to Autopilot. This key is different to the Autopilot API Key, which is intended specifically for API users.

If you accidentally connected using the wrong key, disconnect your Autopilot account here and then reconnect using the correct key.

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