Common Problems with AskNicely on Zapier

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Add Survey Participant

This action will add a person to AskNicely and survey them. But there are few things to consider:

Add Person

Add Person will add a new person to AskNicely, but it will not survey them.

  • The person must have a valid email address.
  • If this person exists they will be updated.
  • If this person has manually unsubscribed, they won’t be re-activated.
  • If this person was de-activated, they will be re-activated.
  • If this person does not exist in AskNicely their “Created Date” will be the date/time they were added to AskNicely.

Generally using the “Add Person” trigger will add people to your pool of contacts within AskNicely that can be surveyed using the daily scheduler.


New Response

The new response trigger send details about a new response AskNicely has received. There are a few points to note about when a new response gets triggered. Remember, that our survey is two steps, a customer can leave a score, then they are also asked for an optional comment.

  • A new response will be triggered immediately if a customer leaves a comment.
  • A new response will be triggered approximately 5 minutes after a customer leaves a score but has not opted to leave a comment. If a customer saves a comment after 5 minutes, the trigger will fire a second time. The count variable within the data will be increased by 1. In this case, count will be now 2.
  • All responses have an ID variable that you can use to keep updates in sync.

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