Your dashboard is where you can manage your Zaps.


The Dashboard is composed of 3 parts:

  • On the upper side of the dashboard, you can access your profile, make a Zap, as well as search for Zaps
  • On the left hand side of the dashboard, you can access and create folders to organize Zaps
  • On the right hand side of the dashboard, you can see a list of Zaps under your account.

Make a Zap!#

This button brings you to the Zap editor where you can create a new Zap.



Clicking on your Profile picture/name shows you what plan you're under, the number of Zaps and Tasks you have as well as when your Zapier monthly usage expires. It also gives you access to your Zaps, Settings, Task History, Connected Accounts, Support docs, Developer page and let's you Log out of your account.


Search my Zaps#

This search bar lets you search for a particular Zap in your account.


My Folders#

You can organize Zaps now using the Folders function. Clicking on the + button enables you to create new folder.


Zap options#

Each individual Zap has their own options you can use. By clicking on the down arrow icon for an individual Zap, you can expose the different options for that Zap.

Zap Options


By clicking the Run button, you will prompt any polling Zaps to look for new data. The Run button is available if the Zap is not Instant

Zap Run


By clicking the Edit button, you'll be taken to the Zap editor for that particular Zap where you can make changes.

Zap Edit


By clicking the History button, you'll be taken to the Task history for that Zap.

Zap History


By clicking the Copy button, you will duplicate your Zap, including all fields you've mapped inside the Zap. The copy can be found under Off zaps.

Zap Copy


By clicking the Rename button, you will get a text box to rename your Zap. This is the name you can use to identify your Zap in the Dashboard or Task history

Zap Rename


When you create a new folder, the Move button becomes available. This button enables you to move a Zap from one folder to another.

Zap Move


Clicking the Delete button removes the Zap from your Zapier account. By clicking the Delete button, you will get a prompt asking if you "Really?" want to delete the Zap. Click the "Really?" to confirm the deletion.

You can find Deleted Zaps back in your Trash Can where they can be restored if you move them out of the Trash within 30 days.

Zap Delete

A Note About Held Tasks#

When a Zap has tasks that are being held (if it triggered too many items at once, for example) it can not be turned off before the tasks are either replayed or deleted. The Delete option will not show up in the dropdown menu:

alt text

Click on the "See Tasks" or "Help me Fix It" links in order to process those held tasks. Once you've done so, you will then see the Delete option and be able to click it.