Creating recurring Trello cards by adding a new card when one is archived#

Below are steps to take to get new cards created in Trello when another card is archived/closed.

First you'll want to start creating a zap that creates Trello cards when a Trello card is closed. Click the 'Learn More' below to get started, then 'Start using this' to create that zap.


Next you'll be put into the zap editor to finish configuring the zap. You can continue to Step 2, where you'll connect your Trello account. Simply give that account a name and you'll get a pop-up asking to allow Zapier access. Click through to Allow and you're all set! You can use that same account in Step 3 too.


In Step 4 you'll specify the cards that will trigger your zap. You can choose to monitor an entire board, a specific list in a board, or leave both blank to monitor all cards where you are a member. Most importantly for this use case, select 'Closed' for the Filter dropdown.


You can also use custom filters to narrow down the cards that trigger your zap even further. For example, if I only wanted cards with 'inspection' in the title to trigger my zap, I can create a custom filter to set that up. More details on custom filters here:

In Step 5 you'll set up a template your zap will use in creating the new card. Be sure to specify the Board and List from the dropdown, and you can use static text as well as data from the closed Trello card by using the 'Insert Fields' button. More info on that step here:

For the due date field, you can also have the date be a relative value in the future, like '2 weeks from that day'. This link has more info on how to do that:


After Step 5 you'll have the chance to test that zap out. You can click on the samples to see what info exactly will be sent to Trello.


The last step is to name your zap and turn it on!

Uses for this zap#

  • Automatically have cards created for the same task when you close a current task

  • Automatically create cards in Board B when you close a card in Board A

  • Automatically create follow up tasks when a card is closed(e.g. when I archive the card for Step 1, create a card for Step 2)