Compile data from multiple triggers in a digest in Zaps

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If you want more than one source to add to your digest, you can create a digest that collects data from multiple Zaps.


Using digests to combine data from multiple triggers can allow you to keep on top of your company’s social media content each day by sending yourself an email at 5 PM each day with all of your social media platform content collated together.

1. Add a digest step to your Zaps

Add a digest step to each Zap that you want it to collect data for.

The only difference is that the Frequency should be set to Manual. Repeat this step in all Zaps with triggers you want to add to your digest.


If you wish to have multiple triggers from Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook Pages, you will need to create a Zap with the trigger being each of the social media platforms with the action of Append Entry and Schedule Digest using the app Digest.

2. Create a Zap to release your digest

Now that you’ve added your Digest step to your multiple Zaps, you will need to create a new Zap in order to release your digest.


Following our example, we want to receive a daily digest of all our post from social media at 5pm every day.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Add a Schedule by Zapier trigger to your Zap.
  • Select the Trigger Event as for how often you wish to receive this report, following our example, we will want to select Every Day.
  • Select Continue
  • Depending on your selection your options may vary depending on your frequency selection, but go ahead and select more specific as to when you want this Zap to run. In our example, I will select the Time of Day from the dropdown of 5pm.
  • Once you’ve created your Trigger, you can then add your action step using Digest selecting Find Digest.
  • Select Continue
  • Select your digest from the dropdown
  • Select Continue
  • Finally, select whatever action you wish to send this data onto. Select Current Digest to pull in your digest.

Example as to how to map out your digest

The Zap will release the digest information collated from the other Zaps.

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