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You can add a translate step to your Zap to automatically detect languages and translate words, phrases, and web pages into over 100 languages.


The translate step can only translate 1000 characters at a time.

1. Add a translate step to your Zap

Add an action step and in the App & Event Selected section, set the fields to the following:

  • Search and select Translate by Zapier as your Choose App.
  • Select Translate Text as your Action Event.
  • Click Continue,

2. Customize your translate step

Now you’ll need to input what text from the previous step you want to translate, as well as select the language you wish for it to be translated too. Here is how to fill out each field:

Source - If you will always know the language coming from your previous step, then feel free to select the language. If you don’t, then feel free to leave this blank, as this field is optional.

Text - Here is where you will need input the text that you will need to translate.

Targeted Language - From the dropdown, select what language you wish to translate your text to.


If you need to dynamically update the Targeted Languages, you can use a custom value to input the language you wish to translate to. The translate step uses the two-letter ISO 639 format for language codes. If your previous step doesn’t output this two letter ISO 639 format but sends on the language, you can always add a lookup table to correctly output the code needed for the custom value.

3. Test your translate step

On the Test your Connection step, click Send Test to Translate by Zapier. Here you can see what the output will be.

4. Add your translation to your next action

Now that you’ve added your Translate by Zapier step, you can then add your translated output into your next step. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Select the field you wish to send the translated text to. Once there click the + and then scroll to Translate Text field and click the arrow
  • Select the output of Translation.

How to add your translation to your Action step

Once you’ve set your output from your translation, you’re ready to continue setting up the rest of your Zap.

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