Set default values for blank fields in Zaps

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With the default value text transformation in Formatter, you can set a fallback value for fields that may not always have a value provided by a previous step.


You have a web form that collects leads and the Name field is optional but your CRM requires it. You can set a default value of “Unknown” so that anyone that doesn't fill out their name still gets passed to your CRM.

Before you can add Formatter to a Zap, you’ll first need to set up your Zap trigger.


A field may also be blank because the trigger test does not contain that field, or the name of the field changed. Before implementing the solution below, make sure to get new trigger test data so you have all current field names.

1. Add Formatter to your Zap

  • In the Zap editor, add a new action step and select Format.
  • Click the Action Event dropdown menu and select Text.
  • Click Continue.

2. Set up the Default Value text transform

3. Test your transformation

Click Test & Review to test your transformation. If the transformation was successful, you’ll see either the value provided by your trigger or the default value if the input field is blank.


After you set the default value, you will need to map the output of the Formatter step to the action step, instead of the original field. Learn more about how to set up an action step.

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