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Reformatting text with Formatter

Formatter is a Zapier feature that can format information sent from any other app. Here, we'll look at how to analyze and format text with Formatter. You can see the complete list of text transformations here.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use Formatter to perform basic formatting on text, doing things like capitalizing letters or pluralizing words. Before you can add Formatter to a Zap, you’ll first need to set up a trigger.

1. Add a Formatter step

To add a formatter step:

  • Click the + icon to add a step.
  • Select Formatter
  • Select Text from the list of event options.
  • Click Continue.

In this example, we're going to capitalize text, so we need to select Text.

2. Set up your options

Next, choose your transformation, which is the specific thing that you want to do to the text. There are several kinds of text transformations you can do, like capitalizing, pluralizing, truncating, and more.

Once you choose a transform, you’ll then need to specify the input value by opening the dropdown under Input (by clicking the +) and choosing a field from a previous step.

We want to capitalize the title of our Trello card, so we choose Capitalize and then select the name field from Trello in Input.

Some transforms will have additional required or optional fields that you can fill out.

3. (Optional) Find, replace, or split special characters

In order to find, replace, or split on special characters in text, you can use a special character syntax:

  • [:space:] - matches space (\s) characters
  • [:tab:] - matches tab (\t) characters
  • [:newline:] - matches newline (\n) characters
  • [:return:] - matches carriage-return (\r) characters

If we had a full name but wanted to just get the first name, we could use the Split text transformation and split on the [:space:] special character and then choose just the first element for the Segment index:
Example of splitting on a space

4. Test your formatting

  • Click Send Test To Formatter by Zapier.
  • If the test was successful, you'll see the results of the formatting.

Once you've set up the Formatter step, you'll continue setting up the rest of your Zap by adding another action. Be sure to use the output from the Formatter step in your next action step.

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