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Reformatting text with Formatter

Reformatting text with Formatter

You can use Formatter’s Text transform to change text in your Zap. There are several different text transforms that you can use.


If an app has a Full name field but another app has separate First name and Last name fields, you can use the Split Text transform to split the full name data into separate fields.

1. Add a Formatter step

  • In the Zap editor, click the Action step, or click the plus + icon to add a step to your Zap.
  • Select Format.
  • Click the Action Event dropdown menu and select Text.
  • Click Continue.
  • In the Set up action section, click the Transform dropdown menu and select the text transform you want to use.
  • In the Values section, click the Input field and enter the data that you want to transform. You can choose a field from a previous step or enter a value.

Mapping a field from a previous step to the Input field


Some text transforms will have additional required or optional fields.

2. (Optional) Find, replace, or split special characters

In order to find, replace, or split special characters in text, you must use a special character syntax:

- `[:space:]` - matches space (\s) characters
- `[:tab:]` - matches tab (\t) characters
- `[:newline:]` - matches newline (\n) characters
- `[:return:]` - matches carriage-return (\r) characters

In the previous example, you can split “Jane Doe” into separate fields using the [:space:] special character.
Using the space special character

3. Test your text transform

  • Click Test & Review.
  • If the test was successful, you'll see the results of the text transform.

Once you've set up the Formatter Text transform, you can use the results in further actions in your Zap.

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