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Formatter is Zapier’s built-in utility tool for transforming text, numbers, and other data into the format you need. Use Formatter when you need data in a different format than the format it’s coming in from your trigger or another step.


Say you need to a Zap that sends new PayPal customers into a MailChimp mailing list. PayPal shows your customers' full names and the detailed time and date they bought your product—but all you want is their first name and the day of the week. Just add Formatter to your Zap, and Zapier can format text the way you want before adding it to MailChimp.

With Formatter, you can:

  • Analyze and modify text formats
  • Modify number formats
  • Modify date formats
  • And perform a variety of utility functions

Learn more about the different ways you can format your data and use Formatter in your Zaps.

Formatter transformations

All number transformations

Learn more about number transformations.

All text transformations

  • Capitalize
  • Convert Markdown to HTML
  • Convert to ASCII
  • Default Value
  • Extract Email Address
  • Extract Number
  • Extract Pattern
  • Extract Phone Number
  • Extract URL
  • Find
  • Length
  • Lowercase
  • Pluralize
  • Remove HTML tags
  • Replace
  • Split Text
  • Superhero Name
  • Titlecase
  • Truncate
  • Trim Whitespace
  • URL Decode
  • URL Encode
  • Uppercase
  • Word Count

Learn more about text transformations.

All date / time transformations

  • Add/Subtract time
  • Format

Learn more about date / time transformations.

All utility transformations

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