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Line items are specially formatted fields in Zapier that allow a single action to create multiple line items. In order to use line items in your Zap, they must be supported in both your trigger and action events.


For example, if you want to add an action that creates multiple line items in an invoice, both the trigger and action must support line items.

1. Identify your trigger’s line item fields

Line items must be provided by the trigger step of your Zap. After setting up your trigger:

  • In the Zap editor, go to the 1. When This Happens step.
  • Click to expand the This Step is Working section.
  • Select a sample. In the search bar, search for line items or lines to confirm that your trigger sends line items.
  • Click Continue.

Line items in trigger


Some apps have multiple trigger events that are similar, one with line items and one without. If your trigger doesn’t have line items, try using a different event. Some trigger events will specify that they have line item support. If there is no alternative trigger, you can use Formatter to create line items from your trigger data.

2. Set up your action to use line items

Triggers can only send line items to actions that support them. An action that supports line items will have a Line Items section with a group of indented fields. To set up your action to use line items:

  • In the Zap editor, go to the 2. Do This step. If you don’t see this step, click the + icon to add a new step.
  • In the Line Items section, click the dropdown menu for a line item, then select the corresponding line item from your trigger.
  • If you have a line item in your action that should be set to the same value each time, enter the value manually or select a non-line item field.
  • Repeat this step for each of your line item fields.

When your Zap runs, Zapier will add a line item in your action step for each line item that comes in from your trigger.

Line items in action


You can also populate line item fields with single values, which you might do if your trigger does not provide line item data or if you want the same value to be sent through for each item of a list.


To use custom values in line item dropdown fields, use a lookup table to map line items to the specific ID/Name you want to use as a custom value.


If line item data needs to be formatted before it can be used in your action, you can use Formatter to format line items before your action step.

If you're having trouble setting up your line items in your Zap, contact support.

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