Create Zaps

Create Zaps

Get started with your first Zap, or take your Zap to the next level with built-in features and customizations.

Basics of creating a Zap

Get started with key concepts in Zapier and set up your trigger and actions in a Zap.

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Customize your Zaps

Take your Zap to the next level with conditions, delays, custom values, and more.

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Format data in Zaps

Transform data being sent and received in your Zaps into the exact format you need.

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Store data and create digests with Zaps

Save and store data between Zaps and compile data in a Zap digest.

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Use code and webhooks in Zaps

Power up your Zaps with JavaScript, Python, and webhooks.

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Use emails and text messages in Zaps

Receive and parse new emails to trigger your Zaps, and send emails and text messages in your Zaps.

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Other built-in Zap functions

Use powerful, built-in Zap functions to supercharge your Zaps: add items to an RSS feed, score leads, trigger Zaps from weather forecasts, and more!

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