Connected Accounts#

The Connected Accounts page is where you can see all the different services you have connected with Zapier. You can access it from the toolbar towards the top of the screen.

Connected Accounts

From this screen you can add a new account, view your currently connected accounts, view how many zaps each account uses, and rename, test, reconnect, or disconnect those accounts.

How do I connect a new account to Zapier?#

You can connect your accounts to Zapier in one of two ways:

The first option is to head to the Connected Accounts page as mentioned above, click on the "Connect a new account" drop-down, search for and choose the app you'd like to connect, and follow the on-screen instructions.

Connected Accounts dropdown

The second option is to create a brand new Zap in your dashboard, choose the app you'd like to connect in either Step 2 or Step 3, and follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I delete or remove an account from Zapier?#

To remove an existing account that you've connected previously, navigate to your Connected Accounts page and click on the "Disconnect" button:

Disconnect Account Button

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