Common Problems#

Two Way Syncing#

Zapier does not support two way-syncing right now, for any App. This extends to the idea of keeping records up to date after the initial Trigger and Action occurs (it is not currently supported). Think of Zaps like one-way, one-time actions.

In certain scenarios, you can "fake" two way syncing by setting up two different Zaps that perform opposite actions of each other. However you must be careful not to create a Zap Loop. Check out this guide for more information on how to avoid Zap loops.

Update Items and Keep Items in Sync#

By default, Zapier does not keep items in sync after they have been run through a Zap one time. Think of Zapier like a one-way one-time pipe right now. However, if you're using Zapier integrations that have update-based triggers and actions, it's possible to set up a second Zap to capture updates. This is only true for apps that support updates; apps that only have create-based triggers and actions will not capture updates.

You can email us if you have specific questions about an app. Usually you can tell by creating a Zap and seeing what actions are available for a given app.

Sample Data does not Load#

When building your Zap, you may have difficulty loading data from the trigger app. Here are some common causes:

  • The account connection for the app is not correct. Try testing that connection in the trigger portion of your zap, or even re-adding it in that step to see if you have improvement.
  • You don't have a recent sample. Perform the trigger in your Zap and then retest your trigger. For example if your trigger is TypeForm New Entry, submit an entry to your form then retest your trigger.
  • Make sure filters aren't preventing your data from loading. For example, if you have a filter to only trigger your Zap on Gmail emails with a certain label, make sure there are recent emails with that label.
  • If your Zap is an Instant trigger, you need to add sample data. For Instant triggers, because they push the data to us, you need to create a sample in the trigger app after your zap starts looking for sample data.

Zap doesn't Move Existing Data#

Zaps will not be able to see data that was created before your Zap was turned On, they are meant to trigger off data that has been newly added.

One workaround is if you are able to obtain a data export file with all of your data from some App, probably in comma-separated values format (CSV file). With a CSV in-hand, you can semi-manually copy records into a Google Spreadsheet to trigger a Google Spreadsheet Zap. Be wary of rate limits. You can check out this guide for more information.

Fields do not Match#

Sometimes apps treat the same type of data in a different way. For example, some apps separate First and Last name into multiple fields while others group them together. Here are a few ways to add and manipulate data in your Zap:

Avoiding Zap Loops#

If you have two Zaps that mirror each other, you can potentially end up with "loops" where your Zaps trigger each other repeatedly. To help with this, check out this guide on avoiding Zap loops.

Typing into Dropdowns#

In your Zap you have the option of inserting a custom value in dropdowns that have populated values for you to choose from. Many times, these custom values are the causes of errors, so try using the populated values instead if you do get errors when using the custom values.


Unicode errors#

If you get errors relating to Unicode characters, please contact us.

Can't Connect a Second (Alternate) App Account to Zapier#

There are a lot of cases where users have 2 different accounts with a particular app (e.g. two email accounts with Gmail). In Zapier, you can connect as many accounts as you want (with rare exceptions). That being said, we sometimes get these questions:

  • Why can't I connect a 2nd account for my app?
  • Why does it always add my original app account when I try to add another account?

Usually, what happens here is that you currently have an open session with an app, i.e. you're currently logged in to the account. Therefore, Zapier uses that logged in session when adding a new account.

To get around this, follow the steps below:

  • Open an incognito window in your browser.

Incognito window example

  • Login to Zapier using that incognito window.

Zapier Login page example

Screenshot of Connect a New Account modal

  • Since you're in incognito mode, there would be no open sessions/cookies for the said app. This should force the popup login to appear for that app.
  • Add the correct login details for the 2nd app.

Viola! The 2nd user login details should be added now. Don't forget to rename the connection using the pencil icon to help identify the new connection.

Important to note: Even Incognito windows will hold on to your session information. If you go on to connect another account with these Incognito windows still open, it'll connect the same account you just connected! Close all open Incognito windows and start over again to connect your next account.

Still having trouble?#

This link has more Zap issues that may help get things working for you!

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