The Basics#

General Info#

What is Zapier?
High level details on what Zapier does.

How does Zapier work?
More on the mechanics of how Zapier moves your data.

Who is behind Zapier?
Learn more about the Zapier team!

What is a zap?
Zaps are connections between two apps. Details and examples at the link.

What is a task?
Tasks are counted when your zap performs an action. Details and examples at the link.


How do the pricing and plans work?
Details and mechanics of what impacts the Zapier plan you need.

Are there Enterprise or Team accounts?
Current options for multi-user accounts.

Is there a free plan?
There is! Details on all our plans and their limits inside.

What are Zapier's Premium features?
These Premium Features are included with Zapier paid plans.

Common Questions#

Can I do two-way syncing?
No we can't help with that. We can move data in opposite directions, but not maintain a persistent sync.

Can I import or export existing data from an app?
No we can't help with that. If you can get your data into a spreadsheet there may be a workaround for import though.

Is my data secure?
We take the responsibility of moving your data seriously. More details at the link.

What are popular zaps for the apps I use?
Use the filter at the top to select your apps, and see what's popular with them.

What apps and triggers/actions are supported?
Click on an app to see the full list of supported triggers and/or actions.

Can Zapier add support for ____?
Full details on how new apps get added to Zapier

Navigating Your Account#

Your Zapier home base. See your Zaps, Usage, and Task History at a glance.

Task History
Record of your zaps attempts to perform tasks.

Connected Accounts
Page for managing the app accounts you have connected to Zapier.

Your Zapier user settings.

Your Profile
Change your Name, Company Name, Avatar, etc.

Notifications/Email Settings
Define when/how much Zapier should email you for zap errors, product updates, etc.

Current Plan
See your current plan, Invoices, and update credit card info.

Advanced Settings
Additional account-wide settings. Don't touch unless you're really sure.