Automatically schedule the creation of new Trello Cards with Zapier#

Want to have Trello cards created on a schedule? Now you can with the help of Zapier. Here's what you'll need to get started:

  • A Zapier account -
  • A Trello account - It helps to already have created the board and list you want the new cards under

In Zapier#

First you'll want to start creating a zap that creates Trello cards based on a schedule you choose. Click the 'Learn More' below to get started, then 'Start using this' to create that zap.


Next you'll be put into the zap editor to finish configuring the zap. You can continue to Step 3, where you'll connect your Trello account. Simply give that account a name and you'll get a pop-up asking to allow Zapier access. Click through to Allow and you're all set!


For the schedule side of things, you'll need to first choose if you'd like the trigger to happen every month, week, or day. You can then decide other spectifics such as day of the week and time of day in step 4 of your zap.


Step 5 is the meat of your zap, where you decide what the Trello card that's getting automatically created contains. You can even customize it further and fill in your fields using the 'Insert Fields' button. More on that process here:


After Step 5 you'll have the chance to test that zap out. You can click on the samples to see what info exactly will be sent to Trello.


The last step is to name your zap and turn it on! Now, new Trello cards will be created on the schedule you set without any extra work!