Automatically create Mad Mimi Audience Members from Wufoo Form submissions with Zapier#

Have a Wufoo form? Want to have entries on that form sent to a Mad Mimi as a new audience member? Now you can with the help of Zapier. Here's what you'll need to get started:

  • A Zapier account -
  • A Mad Mimi account - It helps to already have created an audience list
  • A Wufoo account - It also helps to have your form already created and to enter a test entry on that form

In Zapier#

First you'll want to start creating a zap that takes Wufoo submissions and sends them to Trello as cards. Click the 'Learn More' below to get started, then 'Start using this' to create that zap.


Next you'll be put into the zap editor to finish configuring the zap. You can continue to Step 2, where you'll connect your Wufoo account. In that step you'll provide the following:

  • A name for the account (use whatever name you like, this is only for identifying in Zapier)
  • The email on your Wufoo account
  • The password on your Wufoo account
  • The account name you have for Wufoo (optional, only if you have more than one Wufoo account)


Connecting your Mad Mimi account in Step 3 is just as easy. Just give that account a name, enter in your username (email address) and API key and you're all set!


Once your accounts are connected you can move on to Step 4, where you'll pick the Wufoo Form you want your zap to monitor. You can also add custom filters, if you only want submissions that meet certain criteria to get sent to Mad Mimi. This link has more on that process:


Step 5 is the meat of your zap, where you decide what parts of your form submission correspond to different parts of an audience member. Forms will vary on the fields available since you create them in Wufoo, but make sure that all fields marked 'Required' have data by using the 'Insert Fields' button or choosing an option from the drop-down. More on that process here:


After Step 5 you'll have the chance to test that zap out with submissions from Wufoo. You can click on the samples to see the data you get from Wufoo, and what info exactly will be sent to Mad Mimi.


The last step is to name your zap and turn it on! Now your form submissions will end up as new audience members without any extra work!