Setting up Autoforwarding with Gmail#

A very common thing to do is set up an auto-forwarder to send emails that match some criteria from Gmail to your special email address.

This can be a little tricky because Gmail forces you to verify the auto-forward email address. Here are instructions for how to set this up. For the example, let's set up an Email -> SMS Zap. The goal is to send an SMS whenever an email containing the phrase "new signup" is received inside Gmail.

First, pick the Email by Zapier app and "New Inbound Email" as your trigger:


On the Edit Options screen, choose the special email address you'll use later inside of Gmail.

Edit Options

After clicking continue, test the email you just created by sending an inbound email to the address.


The custom filter below allows us to only trigger this Zap when emails containing the phrase "new signup" exist in the subject line.


Next, select the action app SMS by Zapier and the Send SMS action.


Connect your phone by inputting your phone number and confirming the number.

Connect SMS

On the Edit Template screen, let's just map the plain email body line to the new SMS.

Map Action

Let's leave the testing step open for now and focus on Gmail.


Open up a new window or tab to Gmail. Click in to your Gmail settings.

Step 5

Click to the "forwarding" tab.

Step 6

Add a new forwarding address and paste in the one from the Zap editor.

Step 7

You'll now be asked to confirm your forwarding address.

Step 8

Step 9

Zapier will automatically send you the "confirmation" email from Gmail to the email address you used to sign up for Zapier. Look for it inside your inbox, it might take a few minutes to show up.

Step 10

After clicking the confirmation link inside the email, you should see a success message.

Step 11

Back in Zapier, on the "Test This Step" screen, click "Create and Continue."

![Step 12]

WIth the forwarding confirmed to be working, the Zap can now be enabled.

Step 13

Whew! That was quite a bit of back and forth, but the Zap is now set up. Here is the final overview of what was set up:

Every time a new email is sent to Gmail, it will automatically be forwarded to triggering the Zap. If the email subject line contains "new signup" then the SMS action will be fired!

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