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Zapier for Teams lets you create teams for you and your co-workers. A team is an account with a single owner and multiple members. As a team, members share a pool of Tasks and all usage is billed under one invoice. Teams can also share Zaps and connected accounts to company tools and apps.

After you create a Zapier for Teams account, you can manage different settings in your account.

1. Invite users to your team

  • Go to the team settings page.
  • Enter the email address for the team member you want to invite.
  • You can invite multiple team members at once by using commas or spaces to separate each email address.

People you invite to join your team will receive an email notifying them about the invite and provide a button to accept the invite. If they don't have a Zapier account already, they'll be able to create one for free—or, if they do have an account then they'll be added as a member of your team when they accept your invite.

There's no limit or cost for adding a team member—to you, or the person you invite.

2. Manage team roles and permissions

There are two roles in teams: members and owners.

The team owner is the person who created the team. Owners and members are able to do the same things, with the following exceptions:

  • Owners are able to change billing settings.
  • Owners are able to view usage by team members.
  • Any team member can invite someone to join the team.

You can include an unlimited number of members on your team. Each team member will have their own account with their own username and password. This way you can each enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on your account.

Learn more about data privacy with Zapier for Teams.

3. Transfer ownership of your team

If you created a team but want to change the ownership of the account to a different team member, you can transfer your ownership to another member:

  • Go to your team settings to view all the members of your team.
  • Click the “Transfer Ownership” button and select the team member you want to make the team owner.

If the existing owner does not have a separate personal account, a new one will be created for them and set as a member of the team.

4. Remove users from your team

  • Go to the team settings page.
  • On the right of the user you want to remove from the team, click the gear icon, then select Remove Member.

When you remove a user from your team:

  • They will no longer be able to access their private Zaps, Zaps in shared folders, or private and shared connections. All of their private Zaps will be turned off.
  • Any Zaps shared with the team will remain shared and turned on, but will continue to be "owned" by the removed member. These Zaps can be viewed, edited, or copied by others on the team.
  • Any Zaps shared with the team that use the removed member's private connected accounts will remain turned on and continue to work as normal. It's recommended to update any Zaps using private connections to use a connected account owned by the team.
  • If you re-invite the member using the same email address, they will see their existing private Zaps again once they accept the invitation. This allows you to remove members temporarily and re-enable their access by inviting them with the same email address.

Other features in Zapier for Teams accounts include:

Private folders: Team members get their own private folders within the team to store their private Zaps. Team owners can see how many Zaps and Tasks a member uses but can't see or edit another member's Zap. And since each team member will have their own login, teams can also take advantage of two-factor authentication to add an extra layer of security.

Easily track team usage: Team owners can see the Zap and Task usage of each team member in the team settings. If your team uses more than the included pool of Tasks, owners can see what the predicted number of Tasks will be based on previous usage in your team’s account settings.

Bring your existing Zaps: Got a bunch of Zaps already in your personal account? No problem! Easily move all or some of your Zaps from your personal account to the team account with the click of a button.

Share workflows with your team: Use shared folders to share access to Zaps and collaborate with your teammates. All team members will be able to view, edit, or copy a Zap that is shared with the team.

Share connected accounts: Connect a shared account to your team’s favorite tools, like Typeform, Intercom, WebMerge, or Pipedrive, so everyone can use them in their workflows—without the need to share login credentials.

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