Export or delete your Zapier account data

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To comply with legal and regulatory requirements and ensure that you have primary control over your data, you can export and delete your Zapier account data at any time. The steps in this article walk through exporting your account data, and deleting your account data without deleting your Zapier account. If you want to delete both your Zapier account and your account data, learn how to delete your Zapier account instead.


Deleting your Zapier account data will permanently delete all data associated with your account and cannot be undone or recovered. To keep your account data, export it instead.

1. Export your account data

When the export is complete, you’ll receive an email with a copy of all the Zap history associated with all of your Zapier accounts. The download will be a ZIP folder with two files.

  • zap_data.json: contains a JSON representation of all undeleted Zaps for a user.
  • task_history_download_urls.csv: contains a list of URLs where Zap run data can be downloaded. Because Zap run data is extremely large, this is broken down into pages and offered as separate downloads. Each row has two values, a descriptive name, and the URL where the page of Zap History can be downloaded.

2. Delete your account data

  • Go to your data management settings.
  • In the Data Management section, click Delete my data.
  • In the dialog box, click Yes, delete.

You’ll receive a confirmation email that your Zapier account data is being deleted. Your data will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

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