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Owners and admins in a Zapier for Companies account can block specific apps from being used. This setting applies to anyone in the account. Apps that are restricted cannot be used in any Zap by any user. Zaps already using the restricted app will not run and will display an error in Zap History.


App Access Control is only available on the Zapier for Companies plan. Only owners and admins with one or more verified domains can use this feature.

1. Add restricted apps

  • Go to your app restriction settings.
  • Click Add app.
  • In the Search for an app search bar, search for and select the app you want to restrict.
  • Click Add restriction.

If you restrict an app that is already in use, a dialog box will appear with the number of Zaps and users that will be impacted. You can choose to continue or cancel restricting the app.

2. Remove restricted apps

3. Create exceptions for specific members or teams

You can add exceptions to app restrictions. These can be added for specific team members or for a whole team, within your Zapier for Companies account.

  • Go to your app restriction settings.
  • Click the app you want to add exceptions for.
  • Type an email, member name or team name on the Add Exceptions field.
  • Click to select the member or team from the dropdown menu.

4. Remove an exception

  • Go to your app restriction settings.
  • Click the app you want to remove exceptions for.
  • Find the member or team name on the list of existing exceptions.
  • Click Remove.

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