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With Zapier for Companies, you can now collaborate and organize your team's workflows with advanced administrative and security controls. You can invite as many team members as you want—they're all included in your plan. It's the best tool your company can use to automate their work and grow your business subsequently.

What's included in Zapier for Companies?

SAML Single Sign On

Integrate Zapier with your existing SAML 2.0 identity and access management (IAM) provider to ensure secure access to your team. Built-in connections to popular SSO providers and an option for using your own custom SAML solution.

Learn more about SAML Single Sign On

User Provisioning with SCIM

Manage account membership with your identity and access management (IAM) provider to ensure the right people have access. Works with any identity provider that support the SCIM protocol.

Learn more about User Provisioning with SCIM

Account Capture & Domain Insights

Team admins can see who has created Zapier accounts using a work email address on their verified domain. Account capture helps you make sure your entire company is using a single account. Make sure your security policies are enforced company wide.

Learn more about Account Capture & Domain Insights

Custom Data Retention

Customize your task history retention to match your company's legal and regulatory requirements. Or extend your task history up to 30 days to help with troubleshooting.

Learn more about Custom Data Retention

Access Control for Apps

You decide which apps can be connected to Zapier. Don't want any data from your CRM connecting to Zapier, no problem. With Access Control for Apps you have control over what data is connected to Zapier.

Learn more about Access Control for Apps

Common Questions

What is the difference between Company vs Team?
Check out the difference in our doc here which explains the differences between the two plans.

How do I sign up for Companies?
To sign up for Companies, you can do so via our pricing page here.

I want to learn more about the security aspects of a Company plan, where can I find that?
You can check out on our security page for more information.

How many members can I add to Companies?
As many as you like. You can add team members from your Team Setting page.

What are the roles available in Company account?
There are three roles: owner, admin, and member.
The owner and admin role are pretty similar. The only difference is that the owner is the only one that can delete the account or transfer ownership.

Owners and admins are the only ones that can:

  • Modify billing
  • View usage by team member
  • View all shared folders regardless of permissions
  • Remove members from the account
  • Configure SAML SSO, User Provisioning, Custom Data Retention, Domain Verification, Access Control for Apps

What information is shared with Company owners and admins?
Owners and admins can see this information about a member:

  • Member’s email address
  • If the member’s email address is verified
  • A member has multi-factor authentication turned on/off
  • If a member is part of the company account
  • When the member joined Zapier
  • Member’s task usage

Do you offer onboarding assistance?
We offer a live training session for all customers on the Companies plan. For more information reach out to your Customer Success Manager or our Premier Support team.

I have a question that’s not answered here. Where can I get more help?
Check out our documentation on Zapier for Teams, for more info on sharing Zaps, managing members, and usage-based pricing.

Companies is missing a feature, who should I tell?
If you have ideas or feedback on how we can make it better, shoot us a message here!

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