Create teams in your Companies account

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Teams are a subset of users who can collaborate on Zaps and share app connections. Account admins get full access to an account, while team members are only granted access to what they need.

Teams allow users to:
- Share folders
- Share app connections
- Create custom app restrictions

When someone joins your company or organization, you can add them as a member to a specific team to give them the permissions they need.

1. Create teams

Any user can create new teams in their Company account. By default, the user who creates the team is the team owner.


The team owner, account owner, and account admins can make changes to team information at any time in team settings.

2. Share folders

Account admins can limit a team’s access to the Zaps in an account by only sharing specific folders with them.

  • Go to Zaps.
  • In Shared folders, click the gear icon next to a folder and select Share With….
  • In the Share with others search box, search for and select the team.

3. Share app connections

Account admins can choose specific app connections to share with a team.

  • Go to My Apps.
  • Select the app with the connection you want to share. A new browser tab or window will open.
  • Find the app connection you want to share and click Only you.
  • In the dialog box, search for and select the team.
  • Click Done.

4. Create custom app restrictions

Account admins can restrict app access and add member and team exceptions.

  • Go to your app restrictions settings.
  • Click Add App to restrict a new app, or select a current restricted app.
  • In the Add Exceptions search box, search for and select the team to grant access to the app.

Who can add members to teams and who can create teams?

Anyone in a Company account can create teams and view members of other teams.

Team owners can edit team settings, and add/remove members to teams they own. Account owners and admins can edit all team settings, and add/remove members to any team.

Additionally, members of the account can request access to join a team.

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