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When you create a new Zapier account, you’re instantly enrolled in a free 14-day trial of Zapier. This trial allows you to try out paid Zapier features (except Autoreplay), including:

Trial plan

The free trial closely resembles Zapier’s Professional plan, with one key difference: the 14-day trial has a limit of 1,000 Tasks whereas the Professional plan has 2,000 Tasks.

Trial extensions

The free trial lasts for 14 days. If your trial has ended but you weren’t able to use it during the time period, contact Zapier support to submit a request to extend your trial.

Trial expiration

When your trial expires and you haven't upgraded to a paid plan, you'll be automatically downgraded to a free plan. Some of your Zaps might be paused:

Learn more about Zapier’s plans and features on the pricing page.

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