Access and manage your invoices

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Zapier's paid plans are pre-paid for the next billing period (monthly or annually). When you pay for your plan, you are paying for the next month or year.

In your billing and usage settings, you can view all past and upcoming invoices in the Invoices section. To view a specific invoice, click View Details.

sample invoice

In your billing and usage settings, you can also update your payment method and invoice information.

Get a PDF copy of your invoice

You can download a PDF of your invoices through your browser's print function.

  • Visit the Billing and Usage settings.
  • Click View Details next to the invoice you'd like to download in PDF format.
  • On your browser, click on the File menu.
  • Select Print from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose Save as PDF in the print options dialogue box.

Receive a copy of paid invoices by email

You can choose to receive a copy of your invoice by email, to the account email or another address of your choice.

  • Visit the Billing and Usage settings.
  • On the Invoice Information section, click Update Info.
  • Select the checkbox Email a copy of paid invoices.
  • If you'd like to receive the invoices on a different email address, fill out the Email where you want invoices sent field. If this field is empty, invoices will be sent to your account email.
  • Click Save Changes.

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