Account Troubleshooting#

I can't log in to my Zapier account#

Here are some options when you can't log in to your Zapier account:

  • Your password might be incorrect. You can reset your account password here.
  • Your username/email address might be incorrect. Your best bet here would be to go to the reset password page and try your different email addresses. You'll receive an email from Zapier when you choose an email address that has a valid Zapier account.
  • Your 2FA code is not working. You can use one of your backup codes instead, more on that here.

My Zaps have gone missing!#

If you are unable to find Zaps that you have previously created, it's very possible that you have created another Zapier account using your Google email address instead of your original Zapier account email address. You can verify your account email here.

If this is true, here is how to get yourself untangled:

  • Disconnect your Google account from your Zapier account here.
  • Make sure your Zapier account has a password (this is required for an account deletion). You can do via the reset password link.
  • Go here and delete this account
  • Click this link to get a Zapier login and sign in to your other account