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CyberBytes Inc.

Buffalo, NY

12 Reviews

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United States

Project Budget

$1,000 to $10,000, > $10,000

Services Offered

Complex Workflow Help, Building New Integrations, Custom Development, Automated Lead Management

Software Specializations

CRM, Marketing Automation, Forms, Productivity

About CyberBytes Inc.

Companies who love great customer service & Copper CRM, love us. Learn how companies are using Copper CRM to enhance their customer onboarding experience to get more reviews, referrals, & revenue. We are the preferred consulting partner for Copper (formerly ProsperWorks). And we help your company run more efficiently by implementing and integrating software + automations for Copper - the #1 recommended CRM for G Suite. Have a specific need with Copper CRM? We may have a solution already built for you! - Email Drip Sequencing for Copper: Looking to get more out of Copper? Check out our Copper-focused integration content here: - Looking for something more custom? Feel free to reach out :)

12 Customer Reviews

Lara O.

Very knowledgeable and helpful

I needed help configuring my Copper account and connect it through Zapier from other apps in use. These guys were wonderful at understanding the details of my specific business needs and finding solutions and specific automations.

Mike R.

CyberBytes are pros

Alex and the team at CyberBytes and the coolest and most passionate tech nerds I know. Super proficient at what they do, and always seem to find a solution to any problem. Recommended.

Michael M.


I'm unbelievably frustrated due to the fact that prior to trusting CyberBytes, I've wasted countless hours with small manual tasks associated to operating my business. Utilizing the service Alex and his team provide, we've been able to set up automations that are saving me countless hours in the day, all of which are now being used to further expand and develop my business. With the support of CyberBytes, my ability to scale has increased exponentially. The icing on the cake is Alex is an incredibly kind and passionate individual who will actually take time to hear all of your needs and walk you through his streamlined operations. Do you want to make your business/process more efficient under the wing of someone who actually cares? Then stop wasting your time and link up with Alex immediately. You'll have no regrets.

Angela G.

Helped Transform Our Family Business

We have been working with Alex and his team for a while now, initially on setting up software, and more recently with some custom Copper integration work. We recently implemented their "" software to streamline our communication processes and it has done so much to force internal processes, it has been a life savor! I first signed up with Zapier thinking that I could figure out what we wanted, but quickly ran into difficulties. Was super excited to learn that Alex and his team were actually quite familiar with Zapier (big win that we were already working with them - woohoo!) - I have nothing but great things to say about their team, fantastic customer support! If you are using Copper as your CRM, these folks can do some amazing things (:

Nirave G.

The kings of automation

If you've ever wanted to find a way to automate something, look no further! I've used Alex and team to automate several parts of two different businesses and they know more than I can think of and however crazy my ideas, they always know how to bring them to fruition. Through them I've learnt so much about Zapier and it now powers several key parts of my business. The best automation consultants and partners you could ask for.

Jane S.

Helped us out massively!!

The CyberBytes team helped us build a few integration between Airtable and our CRM + Stripe and our CRM which saved us hours of manual data entry per week. We explained our problems and they consulted us on solutions that we didn't even know were possible. Definitely would recommend if you're looking for a kind, respectful, and super resourceful team. They are now our go-to integration partners & we have several projects in the pipeline which they'll be helping us with in the near future.

James N.

World Class

CyberBytes has been transformative in our approach to business automation. Unlocking possibilities and efficiencies we couldn’t have dreamed were possible. The teams expert understanding of the software ecosystem has lead to incredible partnership and strategy insights. Highly recommend if you’re looking for a team to help you take your business automation to the next level.

Brian S.

Awesome at what they do and great to work with

Alex and his team were tasked with building a fairly custom and extensive solution that integrated seamlessly with our application process. They set us up on all the right software to streamline processes and save us an immense amount of time. We're able to focus our energy and time on doing what we do best while the system takes care of the rest.

John R.

Alex and his team are LEGENDS

Wow, they know how to make Copper sing like it's in the finale of The Voice. Great support and a fabulous tool. Well done.

Jackson I.

Will continue to use and recommend

In a world that is becoming increasingly harder to find quality work and support, in a sea of 'self proclaimed experts' it's been such a relief to work with 'real experts' who get the job done, and more.

Andra V.

Honestly, the best

Firstly, there is no one out there that knows Copper CRM better than the CyberBytes team—I truly believe that! They've helped me solve problems that I didn't really see a solution for at the time. As a result, this has helped me unlock some super valuable data in our business, let alone save hours of time. The team brings valuable insight, advice, expertise and technical solutions that make the day-to-day easier and more efficient. During the past 9 months of working together, the team has approached each problem with delight, kindness and has made the entire experience of working together actually enjoyable. I have nothing but good things to say. Would highly recommend them if you have if you have the budget to hire their team. 10/10!

Brian M.

The Best Copper CRM Integration Expert & Consultant

Alex and his team have done a great job of organizing our business through the proper use of currently available technology that is right for my business and our customers. Their support is terrific and they have always been on point with best practices and when to automate processes within Copper. We are also using their product and couldn't live without it, it has garnished us dozens of reviews that we wouldn't otherwise have!