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Authentication for Great Apps

Adam DuVander / June 15, 2017

Chances are, if you’re building an app you’d like it to be a great app. There are many things that go into making something great, from solving important problems to user experience and more. We believe extensibility is one of those aspects. Users want to their apps to...

API Geriatrics

Ben Peter / June 8, 2017

Every API integration comes to life the same way. Someone reads the API docs for a service's endpoints, writes some code to get things connected, and boom, the integration is born!

There's only one problem. Every API integration ages slowly over time, and eventually has a "retirement date...

How to Move from a Non-technical Role into Engineering

Regan Starr / June 1, 2017

You don't have to start out as a developer—I didn't. You can start out in any career, and then work your way into an engineering position. Depending on your company structure, you might have your work cut out for you. I was fortunate that Zapier's management...

Behind the Scenes: How We Built Our Developer CLI

Bryan Helmig / May 25, 2017

When we started building our first version of the Zapier developer platform in 2012, we were unsure if engineers would devote much time to building apps on Zapier. At that time we had only around 10,000 users—so we focused on a browser interface that lets anyone build Zapier...

Tools for Remote Software Development and Pair Programming

Brian Cooksey / May 18, 2017

For all the benefits that a remote office offers, there are times when I wish I could roll my chair over to a coworker's desk for a minute and chat through a complicated bug or tough technical decision. Asynchronous communication doesn’t always work for those tricker issues. Thankfully...

How to Handle API Downtime at Scale

Adam DuVander / May 11, 2017

Downtime happens, even to the Internet’s largest players. While 100% uptime is the goal, no engineer actually expects it. That’s why we talk about uptime in terms of "the number of nines.” For example, five nines refers to 99.999% uptime, which means a system is inaccessible less...

9 Lessons Learned Launching Integrations With 750+ Apps

Wade Foster / May 4, 2017

After working with hundreds of SaaS APIs, we’ve noticed plenty of best practices–and a handful of anti-patterns–of a technical nature. It’s rarely the status codes or authentication mechanisms that make the difference with these integrations. There’s a human element that is much more important, as we’ve...

Build Yourself a Redux

Justin Deal / April 27, 2017

Redux is a simple library that helps you manage the state of your JavaScript app. Despite that simplicity, it's easy to fall down rabbit holes when learning it. I often find myself explaining Redux, and almost always start by showing how I'd implement it. So that's what...

Introducing the Partner API: Build Zapier Into Your App

Adam DuVander / April 18, 2017

No app can go it alone. Your customers use a slew of tools to keep their business going, and you can't win when you're working against their workflow.

Zapier gives you and your customers access to more than 750 integrations that help your app fit into any scenario...

Go is Great, So Why Aren't We Using It?

Jordan Sherer / April 13, 2017

Anybody who has spent time chatting with me at one of our Zapier retreats or listening to one of my Friday lightning talks can attest that I think Go is a great programming language. In this post I’ll share why I think it's great, some cons of using...