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Quick License Manager

This app allows retrieval of license and contact information for the purpose of transferring this information to a CRM system such as SalesForce.

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The Quick License Manager team invites you to test their Zapier integration before it's available for everyone. Neat! Accept the invite and build a Zap with Quick License Manager to get started.

If you know and trust the developers behind this email address, then this invitation should be safe to accept. This app has not been reviewed or approved by Zapier for functionality or security.

What Happens Next?

Accepting this invitation gives you access to an early Beta version of Quick License Manager Zapier, before it is available publicly. To test it out, you'll be building an automated workflow (a Zap) with Quick License Manager in the Zapier editor. The editor was made for do-it-yourself automation so you can set up Zaps without developer help. Try connecting Quick License Manager to Google Sheets, Slack, or one of the other 1,500+ apps available on Zapier.


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