Getting Started#

Zapier Platform UI is the easiest way to build new Zapier integrations. Using an online visual builder, you can add API authentication, triggers, searches, and create actions in minutes. You can also build detailed input forms in an online form editor and preview the Zap steps as you build the form, and test each trigger and action live in the builder. And if your integration needs additional customization, you can add custom code to build dynamic fields, tweak your API calls, or parse the respond data from your API.

It's based on the same Zapier Platform as our CLI, so you can use similar code in integrations and will soon be able to export integrations built in the visual builder to code ready for the CLI.

Make a New Integration#

To make a new Zapier integration in Zapier Platform UI, go to, click Start a Zapier Integration, and add your app details.

Then set your app's authentication, using Zapier's built-in support for Basic, Session, API Key, OAuth v2, and Digest Auth.

Add as many triggers and actions as your app needs, using the input designer to build forms for those Zap Steps.

Finally, test each part of your integration, share it with your team and users for testing, and submit it to the Zapier team to launch a beta integration.

Find more info in our Zapier Platform UI documentation:

Zapier Platform UI Documentation#

Tips and Frequently Asked Questions#

Follow the links below to learn how to accomplish common tasks in Zapier Platform UI:

Zapier Platform#

Integration Details#


Input Designer#

Triggers and Actions#

Other Questions#

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