Variable Syntax#

Note: This guide is for Zapier's legacy web builder. For new integrations, use Zapier Visual Builder.

If you've used Django or Mustache (or many other templating engines), you are probably well versed in the variable syntax we use. This also happens to be the exact same syntax our users use to map data from triggers into Action Fields (though they get a dropdown interface to do it).

Given the following context (think authentication fields or data from triggers):

  "id": 123456,
  "owner": "Larry",
  "title": "Hello world!",
  "description": "It's a beautiful day!"

And the following template (think authentication mapping or action fields):

  "talking_user": "{{owner}}",
  "chat_message": "{{title}} and of course {{description}}"

We will generate the following output:

  "talking_user": "Larry",
  "chat_message": "Hello world! and of course It's a beautiful day!"

The keys to put between the {{}} come from the keys you specify when you setup action fields, trigger fields, and authentication fields.

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