Search Fields (Custom)#

A natural extension of normal hard coded search fields are dynamic search fields, or custom fields. All you need to do to enable custom fields is:

  • Provide a Custom Search Fields URL Route for the Search in question.
  • Ensure the URL route returns data in the below format, or manipulate to fit with Scripting.
  • You can choose from several internal types, documented here: Field Types.
    "type": "unicode",
    "key": "json_key",
    "required": false, // whether this field must be filled out. defaults to true
    "label": "Pretty Label", // optional
    "help_text": "Helps to explain things to users.", // optional
    "choices": { // optional
        "raw": "label"
    } // can also be a flat array if raw is the label

Right now parent_key and type=dict is not supported in custom fields.

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