Zapier Trusted App Developers#

This page provides information about third-party developers and consultants who are available to help put together an app/integration for use within Zaps.

If you have a site/service and an open API#

You can use our Developer Platform, along with the information within our App Development Guide to build your own integration, which will then proceed through the Public App review process, and become listed in the Zapbook (our app catalog).

If you don't have the time/resources to dedicate towards building/launching an integration, there are Trusted Zapier App Developers who may be able to assist you. These are individuals/groups who have demonstrated their capabilities by satisfying the following requirements:

  • Developed and launched a well behaved Public app. This ensures that they're familiar with our App Development Guide, and the app review process.

  • The app has sufficient complexity, which includes a mix/quantity of Triggers, Actions, Searches, and/or Scripting. Barring this being present on the Public app, the developers have demonstrated their competence with these features in another way, perhaps on an invite only app.

  • The app is understandable by users, which involves the usage of clearly written labels/help-text, Static and Dynamic Dropdowns, and other "ease of use" features.

  • The trusted app developer continues to be responsive when handling maintenance needs (issues/bug fixes), including being receptive to us increasing standards on the platform and adding new features (like searches), or moving to a newer version of the Developer Platform.

Note: If you do work with one of our trusted app developers to develop an app, make sure you develop a plan for continued support and maintenance, either using that developer, or with an in-house team who will take responsibility for the app.

Approved Trusted Zapier App Developers#

If you have met the qualifications listed above, and would like to be listed on this page, please contact us. We'll work with you to determine if there is a fit for you to be a part of the program.

As a developer listed here, you may promote your status within your own channels (website, social media, etc). We will be happy to give feedback on that information, which we expect to appropriately reflect Zapier's features and your capabilities as a partner.

Continued Participation

Developers listed on this page must have continued involvement with the Zapier platform. This can take the form of new Public apps, or significant improvements or bug fixes to existing apps. Developers should have some significant activity every year to continue.

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