3. How to Give Your Users Early Access#

Now that you're finished developing your Zapier integration, you're eligible to give your users early access to your integration! Plus, your product will get a dedicated page and be listed in Zapier's App Directory with an "Early Access" tag to let prospective users try out your integration before it's officially launched. Just take these steps:

1. Ensure your integration follows the Zapier Integration Development Guide#

The Integration Development Guide is written with the user in mind, ensuring a consistent experience across Zapier. Hundreds of companies have launched Zapier integrations and the Integration Development Guide is a list of best practices learned, so your users have the best experience with your Zapier integration.

Your Zapier integration should not have more than 5 of each (trigger, action, or search) at first; we suggest starting with your most popular 2-3 use cases. Later on, we'll verify the Integration Development Guide is followed.

2. Ensure your invited users are using each Trigger, Action, and Search of your integration#

By now, you should have invited some users to help to you test your integration. The intention of this step is to ensure any show-stopping bugs are worked out and verify existing user demand.

Each visible Trigger/Action/Search requires at least one active Zap before you can submit the app to Zapier for review. Your app must have a minimum of 10 unique users that have at least one active Zap using your app in order to be reviewed. These test users must be non-QA emails and external or outside of your company.

3. Prepare your team to support and maintain your integration#

Zapier's support team serves as frontline support for your Zapier integration. If your users find bugs with your integration, we will surface them to your team. We expect your team to promptly reply to those requests from your users and to maintain your integration.

4. Submit your integration for review by the Zapier team#

Read our App Review Tips to help you better prepare your integration before submitting it for review. Navigate to the Visibility tab for your app and click the Make this App Public button. Expect to hear from us within a week.

Legacy builder:

Visual builder:

Welcome to Early Access!#

Now you get a page in Zapier's App Directory and your users can click it to gain early access to your integration.

Note: You won't yet be able to create Zap Templates at this time. That capability is enabled once your integration receives a beta tag.

What's the Next Step?#

As your integration continues to accumulate users, our team will watch the growth of your integration. We will contact you once your integration reaches 50 users and extend an invite for you to officially launch.

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