App Review Tips#

Before you develop your Zapier integration, it’s important to become familiar with the criteria we use to review all apps.

The following tips are based on the most common issues we encounter and will help you to breeze through the app review phase.

Get familiar with Zapier#

Before creating your integration, if you’re not an existing Zapier user, sign up for a free account and familiarize yourself with the product. This will help you understand common best practices and ways to setup Zaps and how your integration can best fit into that workflow.

Focus on key use cases#

Your initial Triggers, Actions, and Searches should focus on primary use cases. Check similar apps on Zapier to get some ideas. Apps that have more than 5 Triggers, Actions, or Searchers at initial submission may not be able to go public (unless you have a lot of users on board with each Trigger, Action, or Search).

Test early with real users#

Hopefully, you’ve got a bunch of keen users waiting to get their hands on your integration. Send them your app’s invite link to give them early access. Seeing unique and active users of your integration before you submit for review will help give us some confidence that your integration is useful and working well for a bunch of users.

Check your App style#

Users should already be familiar with the terminology used in your Zapier integration - it should be consistent with what is used in your app's own UI.

We strive to give users a consistent experience no matter what apps they are working with on Zapier. While we encourage you to use your own terminology, we also would like apps to adhere to the standard naming conventions and style patterns Zapier suggests for app branding, Authentication, Triggers, Actions, and Searches that are apart of your integration. See the App Development Guide to learn more.

Make connecting easy#

Connecting to Zapier must be easy for the user. OAuth is preferred, otherwise, a user must be able to easily retrieve or generate an API Key or other credentials themselves without needing support assistance. Also, the Test Trigger should provide actionable error handling that the user can easily understand to help assist them in correcting their invalid credentials.

Provide a valid test account#

The App Review Team will go through each Trigger, Action, or Search that is included within the integration to verify that it’s working in a similar way the interactions should work within your own web app. In order to do this, we ask for valid test credentials to be set up for our team (ie. under that have all the features unlocked that are needed to test out each interaction. If there are special configurations to set, include the specifics. If features require an environment that is hard to replicate or require specific hardware, be prepared to provide a demo video or documentation.

Ensure your integration is complete and platform consistent#

You should submit your integration for review only when it is complete and ready to be published. Make sure to thoroughly test your integration for edge cases and fix all bugs before submitting. Please don’t treat the App Review as a software testing service for your platform, and make sure both the platform and integration work consistently without errors. We will not allow incomplete apps to become public that are error-ridden or exhibit obvious technical problems.

Avoid repeated submissions#

Submitting several apps that are essentially the same ties up the App Review process and risks the rejection of your apps. Please be thoughtful and consider combining your apps into one where it makes sense. Also, please do not spam the App Review team with multiple versions of the same integration while going through that review process.

Avoid misleading or malicious functionality#

Your app must perform as advertised and should not give users the impression the app is something it is not. If your app appears to promise certain features and functionalities, it needs to deliver. Do not create a Zapier integration that can be used to spam, phish, or send unsolicited messages to users.

If you attempt to cheat the system (for example, by trying to trick the review process, steal user data, fake real users) your apps will be removed from Zapier and you could be expelled from submitting any apps in the future.

Further reading#

See the App Development Guide for an extensive list of guidelines on app style that is used during your app review.

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