Action Fields (Custom)#

A natural extension of normal hard coded action fields are dynamic action fields, or custom fields. These are extremely common for contacts in CRMs or ticket fields in helpdesk software. All you need to do to enable custom fields is:

  • Provide a Custom Action Fields URL Route for the actions in question.
  • Ensure the URL route returns data in the below format, or manipulate to fit with scripting.
  • You can choose from several internal types, documented here: Field Types.
    "type": "unicode",
    "key": "json_key", // the field "name", will be used to construct a label if none is provided
    "required": false, // whether this field must be filled out. defaults to true
    "label": "Pretty Label", // optional
    "help_text": "Helps to explain things to users.", // optional
    "choices": { // optional
        "raw": "label"
    } // can also be a flat array if raw is the label
    "prefill": "", // optional, defines a dynamic dropdown
    "searchfill": "" // optional, defines a search connector

Right now parent_key is not supported in custom fields.

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