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How customized automation streamlines Lucidchart's reporting and lead management

"Instead of spending hours and hours engineering a Salesforce sync to pull reports manually, we're able to automate this and spend more time on highly strategic initiatives."

— Micaela Wright, Associate Digital Marketing Manager at Lucidchart

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Lucidchart customer story
Reduced time spent on quality assurance by 30%

Cut down on quality assurance time

Lucidchart uses Zapier to collect data from multiple sources to create central quality assurance dashboards. Now data is exactly where they need it, without the extra copy and pasting across tools. 

Automation enabled 48% growth

Growth without the growing pains

In one year, Lucidchart almost doubled in size (48%). Zapier helped them grow—without the growing pains.

Better communication across teams

Improved communication across tools and teams

Automation plays an increasingly important role in Lucidchart's efficiency. Employees automate routine tasks (helping them get more done) and easily gather info across apps.

About Lucidchart

  • Company size: 400+
  • Industry: Lucidchart is diagramming software helping teams visualize data and collaborate on projects.
  • Location: South Jordan, Utah
Lucidchart customer story

Customized workflows save time and increase data reliability


Lucidchart's customer management apps don't have automation features—which caused them to spend hours copying data from one tool to another. Plus, teams missed critical information when building reports across different tools and teams.


Lucidchart used Webhooks by Zapier to send information between their favorite apps. They built Zaps that automatically added leads to their CRM, created tickets in their support tracking tool, and populated data in Google Sheets. 


Automation improves Lucidchart's data reliability—so the right data goes to the right place, and helps them better manage leads. For example: Sending support tickets to the right tool means Lucidchart can send quick, personalized responses to convert leads. 

"Frankly, Zapier is so easy to use, I encourage all of our new hires to explore it to see how they can save time—and everyone is happier when they save time."

Micaela Wright

Associate Digital Marketing Manager at Lucidchart

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