New App: Use MonkeyLearn to Sift Through Content and Get Automatic Insights

Ellie Wilkinson
Ellie Wilkinson / August 31, 2017

Emails, freeform survey responses, and tweets represent golden opportunities to gain valuable intel for your business— but the prospect of manually sifting through it all for nuggets of insight can be daunting. Spare yourself the skimming and scrolling with MonkeyLearn, an AI platform that lets you categorize and extract data from raw texts. Using machine learning technology, MonkeyLearn does the heavy lifting of parsing content, saving you hours of tedious manual work. By defining custom categories or tags, you can use MonkeyLearn to gather data on topics, themes, and sentiments in unstructured content.

The integration between MonkeyLearn and Zapier makes it easy to further streamline your content classification and analysis workflows. Automatically label and process emails, chats, web pages, support tickets, and more by connecting MonkeyLearn to Zapier and 750+ apps.

How MonkeyLearn Works with Zapier


  • Classify Text: Classifies a text. Eg: topic, sentiment, etc.
  • Extract Text: Extracts data from text. Eg: entities, keywords, etc.
  • Upload Samples: Uploads training samples to a classifier.
  • Train Model: Trains a MonkeyLearn classifier.
  • Deploy Model: Deploys a MonkeyLearn classifier.

Automation Inspiration

Get started with these sample Zaps:

Categorize Your Customer Feedback

Organize Your Reading List and Inbox

How To Automate MonkeyLearn with Zapier

  1. Sign up for a MonkeyLearn account, and make sure you have a Zapier account

  2. Try some pre-made MonkeyLearn integrations and learn more about how MonkeyLearn works with Zapier

  3. Check out our MonkeyLearn help documentation for details on connecting your account and setting up your first Zap

  4. Or login and build a custom workflow with MonkeyLearn and Zapier