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what-day-is-it-by-zapier primary img

Introducing What Day Is It? By Zapier

Time is an illusion right now. We're all stuck inside, so Tuesday might as well be Saturday. Which means today is probably Thursday? I think? It actually might be Monday. This is why the heroes at Fox 8 in Cleveland added a segment that clarifies things.

By Justin Pot

2 min read

how-to-find-rss-feed-url primary img

By Justin Pot

2 min read

paths-customer-stories primary img

By Joey Blanco

7 min read

add-any-app-to-zapier primary img

How to Get Any App to Work with Zapier

Zapier’s the tool to get your apps to work together.

By Matthew Guay

20 min read

build-your-own-journal-app primary img

By Justin Pot

4 min read

favorite-zaps-manage-music-and primary img

By Jill Duffy

3 min read

zapier-for-teams-case-studies primary img

How Real Teams Automate Together with Zapier for Teams

Take a look at these Zapier for Teams case studies.

By Joey Blanco

2 min read

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