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Articles tagged "Working at Zapier"

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4 things you shouldn't use meetings for

There is something about unnecessary meetings that can turn a group of intelligent, kind, charismatic people into one collective brainless, mean, boring monster. 

By Justin Pot

4 min read

How to Thrive as an Extrovert on a Remote Team

The remote aspect of my job provides many benefits I enjoy, but the lack of in-person contact has been a real challenge for me.

By Bethany Hills

5 min read

ask-zapier primary img

Ask Zapier: Our automation advice column

Whether you're just starting to think about automation or you're an old pro looking to expand what you let the computers handle for you, we're here to help.

By Janine Anderson

1 min read

Hero image picture from an airport that says "Me, it's been a while"

Thoughts on taking time off, from a brand new hire

Do yourself and everyone in your life (including your colleagues!) a favor by requesting some time off.

By Jessica Winters

2 min read

Hero image of a van looking out over a beautiful view

Remote work doesn't have to be from home

Remote work isn't just for pandemics or for full-time travelers. It's for anyone who values flexibility.

By Robert Hubbard

2 min read

Hero image of Winston (the most perfect dog) with a computer

​​How to be a good coworker to your pets

We asked our pets what they need from us as officemates. Here's what they said.

By Justin Pot

7 min read

Hero image of a bunch of different sized YubiKeys

Why our VPN doesn't use passwords

You might not believe me, but security teams really do want to help make security as simple as possible for you. Seriously.

By Marcus Young

5 min read

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