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Articles tagged "Time tracking"

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The 5 best time blocking apps

Time blocking is a simple productivity method: Instead of completing your tasks whenever you find time to work on them, you schedule time on your calendar in advance to focus on specific tasks.

By Jessica Greene

9 min read

A hero image for Trello app tips with the Trello logo on a blue background

By Melanie Pinola

13 min read

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I work 5 hours a day, and I've never been more productive

Learn why one freelancer stopped working 8-hour days and how they implemented a 5-hour workday instead.

By Rochi Zalani

5 min read

Timing logo on a blue background

Timing: App spotlight

Timing, an automatic time tracking app, was created to help you understand exactly where you're spending most of your time so that you can increase your personal productivity.

By Elena Alston

1 min read

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In a timely fashion: 5 ways to automate time tracking

Timesheets are not a relic of the past. If you regularly bill clients for time, you know how important it is to keep an accurate record.

By Krystina Martinez

2 min read

The asana and Toggl logos

By Jessica Pereira

8 min read

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