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Articles tagged "Social media"

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How Pinterest templates changed the way I do business

Adding an image of your favorite recipe or throw pillow to Pinterest isn't hard. But if you're a small business that uses Pinterest as a marketing tool (like mine does!), you know how time-consuming and tiresome it is to constantly design Pins.

By Christian Coulson

5 min read

Hero image of a woman talking to a camera with a computer next to her

How to find and pick the right influencer for your business

There are thousands of social media influencers and micro-influencers. Here's how to wade through the options and pick the right one.

By Ramya Srinivasan

6 min read

Hero image with an icon of a person (profile)

By Krystina Martinez

3 min read

Hero image for TikTok app tips with the TikTok logo on a green background

By Isidora Prohaska

7 min read

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