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Articles tagged "Professional development"

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Hero image of the team taking a selfie outside

How to run virtual icebreakers that actually work

Years ago, I joined my first virtual meeting. The host started with the dreaded icebreaker: "your name and what you hope to get from this program." You could almost hear the groans.

By Tasia Duske

6 min read

RSS logo connected to the logos for Slack, Gmail, and Twitter

By Krystina Martinez

14 min read

how-to-find-your-strengths primary img

By Jessica Greene

10 min read

Hero image with an icon of an online classroom

8 tips for getting the most out of online conferences

Can I admit something to you, as a friend? I think I might like virtual conferences better than in-person ones. 

By Dannielle Sakher

5 min read

Hero image of a drawing of a person with an octopus on their face saying "Sup"

An octopus attached to my face

Ever made a mistake? Me neither. Obviously. But hypothetically, were I to make a mistake, I imagine it would prompt terrible thoughts.

By Katie Redderson-Lear

5 min read

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