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Articles tagged "Professional development"

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Hero image of a woman kayaking down a river between mountains

Busting the career ladder myth

Let's consider what happens when we free ourselves from trying to reach the top of the ladder to instead carve our own paths as a career river flowing toward our ultimate objective: the ocean.

By Bridget Thoreson

5 min read

Hero image of a woman sitting on a couch with a computer on a pillow on her lap

By Hannah Herman

6 min read

Hero image of a woman talking on a phone holding a clipboard in an office with other people around

Job titles matter

"Don't worry about titles. Titles don't really matter."  I can't tell you how many times I've heard that before. But titles do matter—here's why.

By Isidora Prohaska

5 min read

Hero image of a man sitting in front of a computer with code on the screen

By Michael Sholty

5 min read

Hero image of a woman speaking to a small group of people, all seated in a circle

By L. Michelle Smith, M.S. ACC

7 min read

Hero image of the inside of a big, modern office building, with two people walking up the stairs and two people sitting at a table

By Ellie Huizenga

5 min read

Hero image of a woman explaining something to another person

By L. Michelle Smith, M.S. ACC

5 min read

A hero image with a calendar icon

Why I don't work first thing on Mondays

Reader, let me tell you a secret: I spend the first two hours of my Monday workday not working. Let me explain how this happened. 

By Hannah Herman

4 min read

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