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Articles tagged "Professional development"

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What happened to the tech talent market in 2021

At Zapier, we believe that recruiting is a team sport. This means that the more we involve everyone at Zapier in our recruitment and sourcing efforts, the better we'll be at hiring diverse and qualified talent as we continue to grow. 

By Cecilia Garza

9 min read

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How to get out of an inspiration slump at work

I asked people what they do when they're in an inspirational slump, and it turns out everyone has thoughts—because everyone's been there.

By Steph Knapp

4 min read

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Is HubSpot certification worth it?

Here's what a HubSpot certification did—and didn't do—for one freelance marketer.

By Maria Bell

5 min read

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Job-hopping helped me land my dream job—here's how

Job-hopping might seem like a red flag, but it's evolving into a green light.

By Chloe Chioy

5 min read

By Jeanny Sy

4 min read

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