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Articles tagged "Personal productivity"

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How a mid-day walk changed my energy levels—at work and at home

Whether you commute to an office, work remotely from a desk in your house, or spend your days caring for a tiny human, take a walk. 

By Kimberly Keys

3 min read

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6 ways my mental health has helped me work better

After years of work (and therapy!), I've learned to appreciate how my mental health actually helps me work better.

By Leanna Lee

5 min read

A hero image with a woman on a hike with a backpack

Don't take rejection personally

Taking rejection personally stops you from growing. Here's how to reframe it. 

By Alice Lemée

5 min read

Best journaling apps hero

The 8 best journal apps of 2022

Journaling might be the most underrated activity that can boost your productivity and well-being in just a few minutes a day.

By Justin Pot

9 min read

A mug of warm water next to a computer

Why I replaced my morning coffee with a cup of warm water

This isn't a parody of every productivity article ever written, I swear. I actually drink warm water instead of coffee in the mornings.

By Etinyene Jimmy

5 min read

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