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Articles tagged "Marketing"

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A hero image for Mailchimp app tips with the Mailchimp logo on a yellow background

Why is Mailchimp so popular?

If you asked the average person to name an email marketing platform, I'd bet almost all of them would say one of two things: "what's an email marketing platform?" or "Mailchimp."

By Kristina Lauren

6 min read

Hero image with logos for the best drip email marketing apps

By Maria Myre

11 min read

Hero image icon with a newspaper

By Gareth Mahon

4 min read

Hero image icon with a newspaper

What PR agencies will and won't do—and how to hire one

I'll walk you through what public relations agencies do and don't do, how to know if you need one, and if you do, how to hire one.

By Angel Lawery

6 min read

Inject humor into your marketing strategy—even in Tough Times

Here are some tips for writing humorous copy without embarrassing your brand.

By Brooke Knisley

4 min read

A hero image for YouTube app tips with the YouTube logo on a red background

The 8 YouTube metrics you should focus on

YouTube analytics can be overwhelming. Here are the metrics that matter.

By Victor Blasco

4 min read

A hero image with the logos for the best marketing podcasts

The 8 best marketing podcasts to try in 2022

Based on my research—and hours of listening to these things—here are my recommendations for the best podcasts about marketing.

By Steph Knapp

6 min read

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