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Articles tagged "Customer support"

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How to Support Your Customers

Customer support used to be easy. Not that the questions and problems were simple to solve, but at least you could be sure every customer who needed help would walk into your store—as that was the only place they'd expect support.

By Matthew Guay

6 min read

A hero image with the logos of the best customer support apps

The 20 Best Help Desk Apps and Knowledge Base Tools for Customer Support

Here are over 20 of the best customer service apps that keep your support ticket queue under control and your sanity intact.

By Matthew Guay

26 min read

How to Handle the 7 Toughest Customer Support Challenges

Today, I'm going to show you the seven most challenging scenarios faced by customer support agents, and tested techniques for handling each one.

By Len Markidan

7 min read

messenger-funnels primary img

By Joey Blanco

3 min read

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