Shopify Integrations to Boost Retention, Increase Upsales and Provide Killer Customer Support

Wade Foster
Wade Foster / July 2, 2012

Shopify makes it really easy for you to set up a shop online and start making money. But with a few handy tips and tricks we can crank up sales follow up and make it easy to create customers that love you, promote you, and more importantly will buy from you again.

Stay Up to Date

Shopify to HipChat

The first step to raising your game on Shopify is to put you and your teams finger on the pulse of sales. Some favorite integrations for this include IM and team chat tools like Google Talk or HipChat.

You can easily setup zaps to send alerts for new Shopify customers and orders to Google Chat, HipChat, Yammer or Campfire.

Any one of these integrations makes it easy to instantly see what's happening on your Shopify stores.

Post Sale Follow Up

Shopify to Highrise

One of the easiest things you can do to make your customers head over heels for you is to follow up after the purchase. The best tools for following up with customers are CRMs where you can manage all your customers for future interactions or help desks where you can treat your interactions with customers like support.

Zapier makes it easy to send Shopify customers and purchase data to CRMs like Highrise, Salesforce, or Capsule CRM and helpdesk software like Zendesk or Desk.

By sending and storing customer information in any of these systems you'll be able to have easy access to all your customers and provide follow up support at a greater level than using Shopify alone.

Making Money Through Upsales

Shopify Campaign Monitor

Anyone who has been in business long enough knows that the easiest customer to sell to is the one who has already bought from you.

One of the easiest ways to let your customers know about future products and offerings you have is through a mailing list. You can easily use Zapier to add new customers to a mailing list on MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, or AWeber.

Using these integrations you can segment your mailing lists based on various Shopify data such as purchase amount, location so that you can laser target in on the best offers to send to certain groups of customers.

Getting Creative

Of course that isn't all you can do with Shopify. There's plenty more integrations available in the Zapbook. If you come up with a cool integration involving Shopify be sure to share in the comments.

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